two elephant man stories (319)

richard kearns haring-2

1. from the night messagefeed, (& a frame for a short story)

lyr: *****if it’s a duck, it’s got to be the elephant man. lyr here*****

elephant-disguised-as-duck: hey ho

lyr: *****this thing buzzes and clicks. i like knowing when mail comes in, but i’m not sure what’s going to happen next. once i ended up in the midst of a bunch of toaster popup illustrations.*****

elephant-disguised-as-duck: I generally don’t leave Yahooo messeger running. I do leave Skpe running (a similar program) and sometimes Msn running.
elephant-disguised-as-duck: It’s kinda crmmy there’s three different IM prgrams that have some popularity.
elephant-disguised-as-duck: I haven’t looked into trying to find software to combine monitoring all three networks.
elephant-disguised-as-duck: I’m not sure if there is such a thing.

lyr: *****i retreated into typography because i don’t know how to upload a picture*****
lyr: *****what you want is software that keeps them apart.*****

elephant-disguised-as-duck: Main thing is I want IM to stay out of the way and not bug me, but quitly let me know when buddies become available.
elephant-disguised-as-duck: Perhaps the sounds on Yahoo IM can be turned off…

lyr: *****it’s sort of infesting my screen at the moment. i may have to exorcise it*****

elephant-disguised-as-duck: i got enough to keep me busy without that.
elephant-disguised-as-duck: I just keep it around, and load it if there’s some need to.

lyr: *****bide a bit. i will send you this section i’m drafting now.*****

elephant-disguised-as-duck: Ok.

today ended in a secret joy i will share with you

i had been dragging my ass around in the hot sun all afternoon and was really starting to feel it staples clinic out of the closet to talk to manager/window decorator about c2ea bought shorts stop stop stop stop at aaron brothers for frames for poems i have donated to beingALIVE for the silent auction during the spirit of hope awards . . .

[resume nightfeed]

elephant-disguised-as-duck: hmm… life bleeds into fiction
elephant-disguised-as-duck: i’m too tired to have much of a reaction…

lyr: *****the jeweled elephant! just need to edit it for rhythm*****

elephant-disguised-as-duck: i’m headed for bed.

lyr: *****night. am writing your dreams*****

elephant-disguised-as-duck: thanks… i hope.

lyr: *****duck!*****

elephant-disguised-as-duck: wait i’m not sure i trust you to write my dreams
elephant-disguised-as-duck: you got some pretty unsavory characters

lyr: *****a brief acquaintance of mine said: never trust a writer who invents god*****

elephant-disguised-as-duck: in that typewriter of yours
elephant-disguised-as-duck: love you
elephant-disguised-as-duck: g’nite

lyr: *****lyr redundant*****

out to in boxwise in our heads. yours now.


2. from o why are angels cruel?

. . .
there is a secret path
stakenn takenn kenn’d

i come upon the elephant man
hiding in a cherry tree
toes painted red
duck mask on the ground beside
his hey-ho’s among his toes.
my hey-ho’s too. hey-ho’s all around.
tickled, i wanna know.
steevee cog, the tongue. how gross.
i’m sure he’s fun at parties.
ah, but tongue up your nose is a
different thing for you.
i get your point. eewe.
a beat.
do you know how many new loves i have?
yes. all of them.
let me guess. let me name them.
don’t. they’re all new. it will heartbreak me.
you are how angels were once made.
i know not. it is a thing i would hear from you.
oops. not now–
–not now. nor will i forget–
–be that way. i’m the one who doesn’t forget–
–so tell me, em,
why are you here now?
are you hiding from bailerman?
does he want your tusks?
no. i told him no.
he’s heading east.
yes i know.
the city wall is north.
that too.
they are the tuff tuff sons,
always heading east,
no matter the storm.
let me look at you. romeryl’s golden horse.
the sisterblessings. and your lovebursts.
your kinvision. your splendigited flight.
you’re heading north, aren’t you?
no. i am returning.
ah. that’s what your weariness hides.
the city well fell this day to our smackdom
we sobbed ten thousand dwellers in the nick
without my tusks?
you needed them here.
i did. you are my hero.
thank you em. i had hoped–
–hope is irrelevant. courage is–
–i know. everything.
i smelled your musk.
it is yours also.
i love you em.
i also. lyr?
maybe, by the time they get out of town,
east may be the city.
i agree. stranger things.
and lyr. ‘ware the loves.
they only have so many tears.
they are afraid first for you.
they don’t know the sting
of loving back.
i understand. i can’t help but love.
they might be wise to love back.
they might. but hurt when you go.
a question? quick?
–to the chase:
i’m in this place because
you can’t imagine how difficult it is to find
any places at all that cross your path
i actually thought
i hit a bit more before than i did.
no, you crossed just after;
i missed you too, before.
where are you headed?
perhaps to find town. and you?
i must think, make a couple stops,
& then head for the next crossing.
speed. and love.
i agree. love.
see you when.

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