322.3 wingnuts

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they’re called wingnuts.

wing nut group

zealots who want to cure homosexuals of homosexuality, keep marriage and adoption fbo (for breeders only), & keep hiv-ers dying as part of some divine plan. right of pat robertson, claiming to be religious. (why would they claim to be bigots?) wall-builders in the desert. wall-builders between our hearts.

it might seem simple: internet compression of “right wing nuts.” wingnuts.

but an earlier use of the term is rural american slang for military members in towns that host a usaf installation

so i am curious where the road wanders from there to the present on wingnuts, from military brats to right-wingers.

i have also seen it used as an implied derogatory term for “winged” “christian” anti-gay hate mongerers.

you tell me.

single wingnut

(they kind of look like little norse helmets vagnerian-opera-singers wear & bugs bunny (in drag) & porky pig too–don’t they? the magic helmet? killing the cwoss-dwessing wabbit?)

macy’s celebrates gay pride in boston by mounting, then removing “most offensive part” of “boston pride” display window (two “gay” mannequins with pecs and nipples showing thru shirts, one wearing a rainbow flag-like beach towel) after an effective pressure campaign is quickly & successfully grandstanded by anti-gay group massResistance, formerly article 8. all sides are pissed at macy’s/federated.

richard kearns aids-write.org shite: definition

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322.3 wingnuts
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richard kearns aids-write.org shite: definition

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